Tankerton Bay Beach Hut Owners’
Association and Beach Hut Watch Scheme

1. Particulars
1.1 The Association shall be known as the Tankerton Bay Beach Hut Owners’ Association.
1.2 The Association shall operate in association with the Tankerton Bay Beach Hut Watch
2. Objectives
2.1 The objectives for which the Association is formed are:
2.2 to promote and enhance the existence, appearance and security of beach huts in the stretch of North Kent Coastline between the Whitstable and Swalecliffe
2.3 to promote the interests of hut owners to outside agencies and to obtain practical benefits for
hut owners in the aforesaid stretch of Coastline
2.4 to foster a sense of community and mutual support amongst the said beach hut owners
2.5 to promote a climate of mutual respect between hut owners, all foreshore users and the local
2.6 to promote the quiet enjoyment and amenity of the aforesaid stretch of Coastline
2.7 to protect, enhance and promote the natural environment
2.8 to promote the provision of appropriate facilities and amenities for hut owners and visitors
2.9 to provide advice and information regarding the above for the benefit of hut owners and all
foreshore users
3. Membership
3.1 The Association shall consist of Ordinary Members together with Associate Members.
3.2 Ordinary Membership is open to all beach hut owners in that stretch of foreshore between the
Hotel Continental to the west, and the Hampton to the east, comprising Tankerton West (TW),
Tankerton Slopes East (TE), Marine Crescent (MC) and Long Rock (LR).
3.3 Membership fees shall be determine from time to time by the Committees. As from August
2022 there is currently no fee for joining, but is only open to Beach Hut Owners in Tankerton.
3.4 Payment of the fee entitles the member to one year’s membership, membership runs from 1st April to 31st March.
3.5 Admission of Ordinary Members is by way of completion and submission of a standard
application form and payment of the prescribed annual subscription fee as shall from time to
time be determined by the AGM.
3.6 Renewal of membership shall be by way of submission of the prescribed renewal fee on or
before 1 April each year.
3.7 Membership will lapse upon non-payment of annual subscription fee within 30 days of 1 April
each year.
3.8 Whilst Ordinary Membership is confined to hut owners, the Association has an “inclusive” as
opposed to an “exclusive” outlook and local residents and all foreshore users are welcome to
join as Associate Members at no charge, though a contribution in a sum equal to the relevant
fee will be a voluntary option for Associate Members.
3.9 Admission of Associate Members is by way of completion and submission of a standard
application form.
3.10 In addition, all those with queries or concerns may contact the Association and will receive
prompt attention.
4. Information & benefits
4.1 Regular newsletters and information sheets will be circulated to Members.
4.2 Other benefits will be notified to and made available to Members.
5. Outside agencies
5.1 Issues of concern will be advanced by the Association to relevant outside agencies, such as
Canterbury City Council and the local police.
5.2 The Secretary will be responsible for liaison with outside agencies and for responding to
outside enquiries.
6. Committee
6.1 The Officers of the Committee of the Association shall be full Members of the Association
and shall be the Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Chairperson, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer,
Membership Secretary, Press Officer, Hut Watch Secretary and Assistant Hut Watch
Secretary and Representatives from TSE, TW and MC & LR.
6.2 Additional offices may be created for Associate Members who may be seconded on to the
Committee by Committee meeting or AGM.
6.3 Any individual Officers may hold a maximum of two posts.
6.4 The affairs of the Association in all matters not in these rules reserved for the AGM shall be
managed by the Committee of the Association.
6.5 Five members of the committee shall form a quorum.
6.6 The Committee may appoint one or more sub-committees for such purpose as it may deem
appropriate. Two members shall form a quorum of sub-committee.
6.7 The election of Officers shall take place annually at the AGM in the following way:
6.8 Any 2 members of the Association shall be at liberty to nominate a Member to serve on the
Committee. The name of the nominee shall be forwarded to the Secretary at least 28 days
before the AGM;
6.9 A list of names shall be published and circulated to Members by the Secretary at least 14 days before the AGM.
6.10 In the event that there are insufficient nominees, nominations may be received at the AGM.
6.11 In the event of a single nomination for a post, adoption of the nominee by the AGM shall
serve as appointment.
6.12 In the event of 2 or more nominations for any given post, a vote shall be taken at the AGM.
6.13 Any casual vacancy on the Committee shall be filled by the Committee in meeting.
6.14 The Committee shall go out of office each year but shall be eligible for re-election at the
7. Officers’ roles
7.1 The Secretary shall conduct the correspondence for the Association, save for membership
applications, which shall be conducted by the Membership Secretary.
7.2 The Secretary shall publish and circulate agendas for both committee and general meetings at least 14 days before the listed meeting date.
7.3 The Treasurer shall keep the accounts for the Association and shall make a report for each
meeting and an annual statement of accounts and balance sheet of the Association to 31st
August each year.
7.4 Payments out shall be by cheque from the designated bank account of the Association. Any
cheque shall be signed by the Treasurer and any 1 other nominated Committee Member whose
name and signature have been forwarded to the Association’s Bank.
7.5 Over and above any specific expenditures authorised by the Committee and/or AGM, the
Treasurer shall have authority to hold and use a “float” of fifty pounds for use in respect of
sundry Association expenses between meetings.
8. Meetings
8.1 The Committee shall meet on a regular basis throughout the year.
8.2 Full membership meetings shall take place at least annually
8.3 The end of season meeting shall be designated as the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
9. Funding and activities
9.1 The Committee shall authorise such events or activities as it shall deem appropriate, and shall
authorise appropriate fund raising events or activities save that all events and activities shall
be consistent with the Association’s printed Objectives herein.
9.2 The Association shall not make a profit and all funds shall be used solely for the purposes set
out herein.

Marilyn Richards (Secretary)
27 Fitzroy Road,
Kent CT5 2LG


Telephone: 01227 262066