Join us at our 


The Next Scheduled Beach Clean is:


Sunday 2nd February  2020


9.30am- 10.30am.

Meet at the Lifeguard Hut on the Beach Front, adjacent to Tankerton West, all cleaning materials will be provided.

An hours energy, well spent for the benefit of the community.




Here is a message from the last Beach Clean in January 2020:

Greetings to All!

A very good turnout for our first clear of 2020 – 32 beach cleaners in total, including 8 very keen youngsters. Given our numbers, we were even able to extend our area of coverage today right from Long Rock round to the “Bubble” café.

Totals collected:

Beach: 12 kgs
Slopes: 27 kgs
Total: 39 kgs

Total since April 2016: 1883 kgs

Unsurprisingly but still disappointingly there was certainly evidence of partying – discarded bottles, tins and take-away food / drink packaging as well as firework debris. Some was on the beach, but also quite a lot was amongst the beach huts – especially at “Tankerton West” . . . presumably not beach hut owners but others taking a bit of shelter there. However, a few discarded sections of hut structure (see photo, below!) were also found and removed – too heavy to be weighed for our purposes. This has been reported to the Council’s online flytipping website.

Less ‘festive’ on the beach were the usual pieces of angling gear – and also some small, plastic, cotton wool buds . . . although many fewer of these than there used to be. Perhaps people are either using less or not putting them down the loo?! There was also quite a lot of smaller plastic items seemingly coming in on the tide, especially at Long Rock. What was perhaps fairly new was the number of discarded ‘full’ dog-poo bags everywhere. There were so many dogs out being walked on Sunday, and yet some of the red ‘dog’ bins have been removed. Perhaps dog-walkers don’t realise that such bags can / should now be put into the standard rubbish bins. On a lighter note, two items that were picked up – a new football and a new bike repair kit – were recycled to grateful beach cleaners!

We all seemed to have forgotten the suggestion of meeting up for an ‘after-coffee’ at The Marine so we’ll ask next time with a view to doing this after the March clear.

Re Tankerton Speedwatch – David took a few names of interested folk but would still like to hear of others who’d like to find out more.

With thanks – as always – for everyone’s great support and all best wishes again for 2020!

David, Marilyn & Viv




Held in conjunction with the Marine Conservation Society’s

“Adopt-a-Beach” Scheme and Canterbury City Council Foreshore Services

Meet on the beach at the bottom of Tankerton Slopes, by the NEW White Lifeguard hut

Do come along and join us – all equipment will be provided.

All collecting gear will be provided by Canterbury

City Council.

 For information on beach cleans in general 

go to

 An hour’s exercise, rosy cheeks, and a clean beach!  You’ll feel better for it!