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Dear Friends of Tankerton Bay,
The sun shone, the sky was blue and it didn’t rain – but when BBC weather says “Breezy” it certainly does mean that, and the collecting bags were taking on lives of their own! Still – after the recent storms it made a very pleasant change. We were delighted to have 28 volunteers appear for ‘duty’ on this better-weather morning – including three very keen children and also three “grown ups” (!) who started collecting at Long Rock and walked in to finish with us at the Lifeguard Hut.
Collected weights were:
Beach: 22kgs (19kgs last time)

Slopes: 18kgs (31kgs last time)

Total: 40kgs (50kgs last time)

The beach total included some 6 kgs collected from around the skate park and into Long Rock.

Total since our first clear in April 2016: 3,659kgs

Everywhere seemed to be showing less litter this time – we wondered whether the strong westerly wind had actually blown much of it to Herne Bay! However, perhaps the recent very bad weather had also been keeping people away from the beach and Slopes. Despite the fact that the total weight was slightly down, there was still much evidence of the smaller pieces of plastic that can cause so much environmental and wildlife damage. There was also comment about a lot of ‘sanitary’ items and the plastic sticks from cotton wool buds suddenly appearing back on the beach around the skate park, prompting a question as to whether this might be related to one or more recent storm releases by Southern Water.

There were the usual items collected – drink tins and bottles (glass and plastic) – and lots of the harder-plastic bottle tops and packaging ties. We also had the more usual mix of odd beach shoes and pieces of clothing but, more unusually, an old coat, a battered metal bucket, a metal kitchen mixing bowl and a deflated helium ‘celebration’ balloon. Needless to say, we also had two obligatory road cones!! Most surprisingly, there was a sachet of fake blood – just a left-over from Hallowe’en hopefully – and no traces of firework debris, but then it had been raining on the Saturday evening and we were ahead of anything happening on “Firework Night” itself. Pleasingly, none of the small silver nitrous oxide cylinders were found anywhere this time – perhaps recent national activity and publicity is helping to ensure that this highly dangerous activity really is on the wane rather than being just more of a summer ‘pastime’.


Finally, the usual “Big Thanks” to all those volunteers who joined us for this clear – and in particular to our stalwart FOTB core group, who take all of the equipment down to the beach and then back uphill again afterwards, as well as managing the clear itself. Further thanks as ever also to Canenco, for collecting and removing our FOTB bags so promptly, and for all their efforts day-to-day to help keep our Bay as litter-free as they are able.


Next clear: Sunday 3rd December: 09.15 – 10.30. We hope to see you again that day (subject to weather) and will send the usual reminder letter shortly beforehand.


Very best wishes,

David, Marilyn, & Viv



Our next Beach Clean will be on Sunday 4th June 2023, from 9.15am to 10.30am as usual. We all hope to see you there!

Meet at the Lifeguard hut, please read the message above.

Meet at the Lifeguard Hut on the Beach Front, adjacent to Tankerton West.

An hours energy, well spent for the benefit of the community.



Held in conjunction with the Marine Conservation Society’s

“Adopt-a-Beach” Scheme and Canterbury City Council Foreshore Services

Meet on the beach at the bottom of Tankerton Slopes, by the NEW White Lifeguard hut

Do come along and join us – all equipment will be provided.

All collecting gear will be provided by Canterbury

City Council.

 For information on beach cleans in general 

go to

 An hour’s exercise, rosy cheeks, and a clean beach!  You’ll feel better for it!