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The Next Scheduled Beach Clean is:

Sunday 4th October 2020 at 9.30 am

Meet at the Lifeguard hut, all equipment will be provided.

Meet at the Lifeguard Hut on the Beach Front, adjacent to Tankerton West, all cleaning materials will be provided.

An hours energy, well spent for the benefit of the community.



March Beach Clean by the Friends of Tankerton Bay


Dear All,

Firstly – possibly a record turnout of 26 keen adults and 10 extra keen youngsters, so a total of 36 on a sunny, blue sky day, albeit with still quite a strong south-westerly wind. So, on our first 3 clears of the year we have already had 99 “picking persons” – well done to all! Especially pleasing to see so many family groups taking part – in one case involving 3 generations!

Our area of coverage on Sunday was again able to extend right from Long Rock round to the “Bubble” café. In pure weight terms, the amount collected from the grassy Slopes area again greatly exceeded that collected from the beach itself – but the beach still delivers lots of fragments of plastic and other items which, although often lightweight, are nevertheless very damaging to the environment and important to remove. We were even finding some wet wipes on the beach at the eastern end of the Bay – possibly blown in on the very strong recent winds.

Once again some ‘hollows’ amongst bushes and trees on the Slopes themselves continued to yield much rubbish – with one such hollow above the west end beach huts alone accounting for a further 20 kgs of our total. This included an old, sodden and very evidently abandoned rucksack full of various items, which looked like it could have once belonged to a rough sleeper. We will try again to see if SERCO can be directed to clear such places, but it may still be down to us.

Totals collected:

Beach: 13 kgs (16 kgs last time)

Slopes: 49 kgs (32 kgs last time)

Total: 62 kgs (48 kgs last time)

Total this year so far: 149 kgs

Total since the Friends of Tankerton Bay’s first clear in April 2016: 1,993 kgs

Almost everywhere there were still some remnants of takeaway food and drink – plastic cartons / wrappers / straws, as well as a few glass bottles and drinks cans, but not so many nasty cigarette butts this time, and none of those little silver nitrous oxide (“legal high”!!) canisters – perhaps all just down to the weather at this time of year. A very old and unusable phone also made an appearance, as well as some dumped builders’ sand (not in bags) by the steps down from the Ice Cream Parlour, in two separate piles.

One ‘new’ item which was turning up on the beach in some numbers were lengths of a form of black rubber strapping, complete with attached marine growth (small barnacles?), which would suggest they had somehow been in the sea for at least a little while. We haven’t really seen this before or certainly in these quantities, so we’re checking out their possible origin with CCC Foreshore.

Towards the end of our clear, we were also very pleased to be joined by a really helpful SERCO driver called Chris, who stopped his van by the Lifeguard Hut and helped to load our bags directly on-board for taking away. It seems that the Promenade route would normally have been driven earlier, but we agreed that it would make good sense to try to re-arrange this to align with the results of our labours, rather than have our bags left out waiting by the bins for whatever would be the next collection, and with the chances then that the gulls might start ripping them open for food waste. Will have to see if we can sort that out.

Our next Beach / Slopes Clear will be on Sunday 5th April – we look forward to seeing lots of younger and older friends on that morning.

Very best wishes,

David, Marilyn, and Viv
The Friends of Tankerton Bay

Held in conjunction with the Marine Conservation Society’s

“Adopt-a-Beach” Scheme and Canterbury City Council Foreshore Services

Meet on the beach at the bottom of Tankerton Slopes, by the NEW White Lifeguard hut

Do come along and join us – all equipment will be provided.

All collecting gear will be provided by Canterbury

City Council.

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 An hour’s exercise, rosy cheeks, and a clean beach!  You’ll feel better for it!