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Dear Friends of Tankerton Bay,

Update on Last Beach Clean 5th June 2022

A very uncertain weather forecast and Platinum Jubilee arrangements perhaps reduced our numbers yesterday, but we were still very pleased to see 21 adults, as well as two keen children, who’d already done a Junior Park Run! In addition, we gained one new participating Friend and also hopefully a new family for next time – both of these having moved into the area fairly recently. As often happens, chatting with folk as they pass by brings new interest and support.

Overall, there seemed to be less litter around – which is obviously a good thing! Nevertheless, significant amounts were still collected, and were removed. Once again we had very positive engagement with a Canenco operative called Chris – and two other Canenco operatives were also working in our vicinity so “Well Done” to Canenco for mobilising their staff over the extended Jubilee days, in particular to help keep the litter situation in our Bay under control for the benefit of both residents and visitors.

Totals collected:

Beach: 20 kgs (29 kgs last clear: 1 May)

Slopes: 22 kgs (17 kgs last clear)

Total: 42 kgs (46 kgs last clear)

Total since the Friends’ first clear in April 2016: 2,621 kgs.

This time there was a slight increase in the number of drinks cans, bottles and packaging, including plastic cutlery from takeaway foods both on the beach and also around the Slopes. Confetti was also found on the beach, but perhaps surprisingly no remnants of party balloons – so it seems that any more general celebrations might have been taking place elsewhere. There were still lots of smaller and environmentally damaging items removed from the beach, like the blue plastic “straws” from cotton wool buds, plastic bottle tops (more resilient than the softer bottles themselves),  beach-fishing lines and cigarette ends.  Several pairs of shoes were collected together with one single shoe (!) Soiled nappies were also found in a couple of places, as was a pair of men’s underpants, and an unread Sun newspaper.  Hopefully the last couple of items weren’t connected!

Arguably the most unusual finds were a car’s rear parcel shelf (Slopes) and a discarded section of artificial grass from between the west-end beach huts. Some empty shotgun cartridges were also found on the beach – someone suggesting that these might have come over from the firing ranges on the other side of the Thames estuary, and hopefully nothing ‘worse’ than that.

So another very pleasing and worthwhile community event – congratulations and thanks to all involved! Hopefully the weather will be even more settled and better for our next scheduled session on SUNDAY 3rd JULY – when we look forward to more great community engagement aimed at making our wonderful Tankerton Bay an even better place for us all to enjoy.  It was also a great pleasure to note the diversity of the plants and flowers on the Slopes – hopefully those at the Council responsible will leave these beauties alone for the summer.

And finally – if you responded to the now-closed Canterbury City Council online consultation regarding proposals for a new Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) for its whole coastal zone from Seasalter to Reculver, you may also be interested in their new consultation relating specifically to proposals for protecting the wildlife and environment of Long Rock, at the eastern end of the Promenade. All are very welcome to have their say. As before, please go to: and search for this latest consultation.

Very best wishes,

David, Marilyn, & Viv

The Friends of Tankerton Bay (“FOTB”)


Next Beach Clean is on Sunday 3rd July at 9.15am.

Meet at the Lifeguard hut, please read the message above.

Meet at the Lifeguard Hut on the Beach Front, adjacent to Tankerton West.

An hours energy, well spent for the benefit of the community.



Held in conjunction with the Marine Conservation Society’s

“Adopt-a-Beach” Scheme and Canterbury City Council Foreshore Services

Meet on the beach at the bottom of Tankerton Slopes, by the NEW White Lifeguard hut

Do come along and join us – all equipment will be provided.

All collecting gear will be provided by Canterbury

City Council.

 For information on beach cleans in general 

go to

 An hour’s exercise, rosy cheeks, and a clean beach!  You’ll feel better for it!