The Police have advised us, from their recent patrols, that many hutters are leaving surplus roofing materials around their huts, following roofing repairs.

They have reminded us that this felting material is extremely inflammable, and so should be taken home for disposal, rather than left to tempt any would-be arsonists!

Needless to say, anything of particular value should also be left at home, rather than at the huts.
Verandah spindles can also be strengthened by nailing wooden beading to the tops an bottoms, I know it’s a pain, but a poorly maintained hut is a vunerable one.

If any repairs are needed, but you are not able yourselves to attend this, our very dependable handyman, Michael Fitt, can be contacted on 01227 771779.

Don’t forget, any damage inflicted on your hut should be reported to the Police, no matter what it is, so that they can keep an accurate record of what is going on.

Ideally, our Honorary Secretary know, Marilyn Richards at  or 01227 262066 so that the Association ‘damage spreadsheet’ is also kept up to date.  We can keep up the pressure on the Police with this sort of information.

To report any beach hut crime, call the non-emergency crime number 101, giving them the number and location of your hut (i.e. TW or TE, Long Rock etc.)


If you have any queries about any of this information, please do call the Association Secretary, Marilyn Richards, on 01227 262066.