The Importance of numbering Beach Huts
(New Feb 2022)
During these storms, and in the winter generally, passers-by on the Promenade often report wind damage to huts, and to their roofs in particular, for us to pass on to the owners.  It’s been noticed that many huts have no numbering at all on their fronts (which is also a rental agreement requirement by the Council) and so the passers-by have no idea which hut they are really reporting.  We have often phoned hut owners with a damage report, only to find that the passer-by has given a wrong number by guessing from neighbouring huts (thinking in alternate numbers, as with houses) or they have merely described the hut, hoping that we can identify it!
If hut owners could put a clear number on the front the next time you visit, we would be most grateful.
Marilyn Richard
Secretary TBBHOA
Proposed New Beach Huts
Please note that any comments you may wish to make on the Council’s proposed planning application for 12 new beach huts at Long Rock, Tankerton, must be made by Friday, 7th January 2022.





CCC Proposed Additional Row of Beach Huts at Tankerton East

This matter was raised at the CCC Meeting held last night (9/9/2021) and was rejected after a discussion.   (12 against and one abstention).

A thank you to all who wrote to CCC and those that spoke at this meeting

John Marsh




Beach Hut Success!

As you might imagine, we have had many lovely comments from TE hut owners, all of whom are cock-a-hoop about the outcome of Thursday’s Council meeting.  I have sent a simple “We couldn’t believe it either!  Many thanks for your support!” email to each of them.  I will also send a copy of this to Neil Baker, as I’m sure he will be pleased to read it.


Here is a sample (I loved the sherry one – read on!)


Thank you so much for this information. Ted emailed to let me know the astonishing news. Honestly, we did not expect it.  Thanks to those who spoke, who supported the whole way and to the councillors who saw sense and made what I consider the right decision. It’s not often I agree with councillors!  Thanks to you both for clarity along the way and for always being on the end of an email with wisdom and experience. All good wishes and HURRAH!


This has made not just our weekend, but our year! Excellent result.

May I add my congratulations to you one and all.  The planning refusal is one huge success. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a summer gathering every year around the beach huts? As you know my hut TE58 was broken into last week and there has been nothing but kindness from you and committee members ever since. Brian Forbes Turner took the trouble to phone me then today Yvonne Philbrick came over to meet me.  I am really so grateful for this support.  Thank you all. Martin Pammant has done some splendid repairs on an old hut. I am fond of my hut as it is and will only replace it when absolutely necessary. We had some friends to tea this week who were telling me they have had their hut in the family since 1924.  I wonder how many can boast that! All best wishes and thanks.

Thank you for the comprehensive precis of the meeting and outcome.  Such good news. I am so grateful to all those involved in putting the beach hut owners interests to the meeting.  The desired result was achieved.  Good job everyone and well done.

Very good news – it would have changed the mood of the whole space . Congratulations and thanks to the Team involved .  We have cracked a bottle in celebration . How can we thank you all ?

Thank you John for the good work of all the commitee. Especial thanks to Brian & Yvonne.

Thank you so much for sending this information and I would like to say a huge thank you and congratulations to all involved for their magnificent work in saving our lovely beach hut space .

Fantastic news and thanks so much for your really detailed and precise report! Phew ! I was beginning to wonder whether the Council ever listened to anyone about anything. I am much bucked by this . Might even go mad and have a dry sherry.

Thank you all so much for all the work and time you have put into this.  I am so glad as a back row beach hut owner that we can continue to have a lovely open space that is used by all.

Many thanks again .

Marilyn & David



Ryan’s Insurance Competition

Please open the link below:

TBBHOA Ryan 2021


***According to the news today, 11th August all beaches have been re-opened, and signs removed***



The committee have made comment on the appalling sewage leak and the effect it has had on our beach hut area. Certain members and Councillors have been interviewed on Local and National Radio for all to clearly understand the problem.

We will update, our members as possible.





***NEW*** Love Your Hut 2021 Competition





“Stop Press – Beach Hut Plans Alert”


By now, all members will have seen our AGM email or letter highlighting the Council’s two year old ideas for new beach huts at Tankerton East.  Our Association was informed of the planning application just one day after our email was sent out to you.  Some of you will have seen the short article in the Whitstable Gazette about these plans, and that the Council is now seeking Planning Permission for 20 new huts (which it would ultimately sell on to new owners, if permission is granted).  The article goes on to say that “The works include the construction of 20 Tankerton-style beach huts between the third and fourth (actually second and third) rows of existing huts on the Slopes.  They would be sympathetic to the existing huts and character of the area”.


Your Association has already asked questions of the Council’s representative, and this topic will of course be discussed in full at our AGM (conducted via Zoom this year, as you all know) on Sunday, 13th December 2020, at 11.00am.”


If you would like to comment on the Council’s plans yourself, the link to the Council’s plan is as follows:-


The deadline for comments is the 18th December, five days after our AGM.  If further news on this topic is known before our AGM, we will of course post it on this website and on our Facebook page”. See below:

The deadline has been extended to the end of January 2021, the actual CCC planning meeting is due to be held on 26th January 2021.




A new Competition by Ryan’s Insurance:

In association with Millie’s Beach Huts we are looking to crown our first
Beach Hut of the Year!Our competition is simple to enter, in 200 words or less tell us why you think your hut is the best. We want to hear your beach hut stories, it could be a restoration project, a place that brings family together, a sanctuary for getting over illness or escaping life’s daily stresses, a life long dream, a come back from storm damage or an escape during the current pandemic. You may have used your hut to raise money for charity, the possibilities are endless.
Competition Prizes

Other than the prestigious status of Ryan’s Beach Hut of the year 2020 you will also receive…

  • First prize – £300, one years free insurance, a luxury hamper and a winners beach hut plaque
  • Second prize – £200 and a runners up beach hut plaque
  • Third prize – £100 and a third place beach hut plaque

The top 5 finalists will each receive a certificate.

It’s easy to enter, just complete our simple form and upload a maximum of four pictures of your hut. For more details or to enter, click below.

Enter here by 30th September 2020
It was always our intention to run a competition this year but with the Coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent lockdown our plans had to be put on hold. Now that lockdown is easing and after much consideration, we have decided to launch the competition.

We appreciate that not everyone has been able to return to their huts, but we are hoping that you will all be able to enjoy them soon. However, if that is not the case we will accept pictures taken prior to the lockdown.

Full terms and conditions can be found on our website

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Beach Hut Users

Latest Update (20th June 2020)

Our secretary has received a message from Matthew Young at Canterbury C.C., stating that :

Water Taps, showers and toilets are all working, and water supplies have been turned ON.

Toilets currently will close at 5pm

From the 1st July, toilets will open at 7.30am and close at 8pm



Attached is a message from Matthew Young on behalf of Canterbury CC.

“Government guidance now says that, if owners can adhere to social distancing, then use of our beach huts is possible. We are all relying, as the government has said, on people using common sense, thinking of others and staying alert.

Here is a link to the government pages….

With regard to the local toilets, some of these are presently closed (to limit the spread of the virus and not having capacity to maintain cleanliness) but we believe that these are due to open – something the Foreshore Office has raised with the relevant group overseeing the recovery of services. This is the same with the public standpipes and showers. The Council will be placing notices on them shortly.

On another matter, the Council contractor will be on site to remove the asphalt path between the second and third row of beach huts at Tankerton West on Tuesday 19th May, until the end of that week. This is because the pathway has become unsafe. The area will be grassed over later. The contractor will access the site via the gate in front of the Hotel Continental, and will use a small excavator and a dumper. They will house a skip at the bottom of the Slopes on the seawall, within temporary fencing, and will keep their plant down there at the end of each day.”


Here is a Message from Tracy Healey at Ryan’s Insurance:

We hope that you and your Beach Hut Association members are keeping safe and well during these very difficult times, we just wanted to let you know that all of our staff are able to work from home so we can continue to provide the same service you and your members expect from Ryan’s.

Although your AGM’s may have been postponed and therefore Ryan’s have been unable to support you with our presence or the supply of ‘goody bags’ for your members we want you to know that we haven’t forgotten about you.

I’m sure you are looking forward to being able to enjoy time at your beach huts again and to being involved with your member community. Our staff are certainly looking forward to using the Ryan’s Beach Hut again at Felixstowe with their families, let’s hope it’s not in the too distant future.

In the meantime we need to keep everyone safe but our beach hut team have been thinking ahead for returning to our huts after lockdown so here are some ideas you might find useful (this link is available on their website, feel free to share with your members along with the attached infosheet about our Beach Hut Association donation scheme.

Take care and stay safe!

Tracy Healey ACIM​
Marketing Manager

t: 01473 343301

m: 07771 620224
Crane Hall, London Road, Ipswich, IP2 0AL
** Please note we are unable to accept cheques for payment at this current time.**






A letter of thanks has been received from Margaret

Greenway representing Tankerton Bay Sailing Club,

thanking TBBHOA for our generous donation to this


A photo of the unit:



There is an increasing habit of some hut owners leaving their BBQ outside their huts. 

These can easily be used on the decks of their own, or other beach huts by vandals.

It is unsafe, unwise, and asking for trouble!

An incident of arson waiting to happen!!





A Facebook group has been set up as a closed group for all members. It can be entered as Tankerton Bay Beach Hut Owners Association.

If you are a current member you will be permitted to join. This is a speedy way to communicate with fellow members at no cost.

To date, it has received many positive comments from members.

This site has been very popular, please apply to join.




Whats on in Whitstable/ Tankerton

I have searched for websites links (Hyperlinks) that can be used, and linked into for their content, they vary in content and quality:

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I hope they are of benefit to TBBHOA Members!