Tankerton East Water Problems:-

The following letter has been received:

Hi Marilyn,

The ground works commenced yesterday and they have followed the feed all the way to top of the slope. Unfortunately, they are now having to remove a small (hopefully) section of the pathway at the top of the slopes – the ‘T’ we are looking for is likely to be under it.

This is really just to let you know what the works are and how we are getting along.

Looking at the forecast, we may get a few users at the huts over the weekend.

I’m hoping they get the supply back on today (but cannot confirm this) but they won’t have the trench back-filled.

I had a call from the owner of the cafe at the top of slopes – Hut owners have been putting pressure on the cafe to supply them with water, telling the owner we have told them to do so and that the leak is under their establishment… this is obviously not the case! I appreciate it must be frustrating for the hut owners but we are doing the best we can and is not an simple issue to resolve. I would be very grateful if some form of gentle suggestion not to pressure the owner of the cafe could be posted on your Facebook page or updated via e-mail, please?

Hope you’re well.

Kind regards,
Matthew Young
Foreshore Manager



A Facebook group has been set up as a closed group for all members. It can be entered as Tankerton Bay Beach Hut Owners Association.

If you are a current member you will be permitted to join. This is a speedy way to communicate with fellow members at no cost.

To date, it has received many positive comments from members.


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I hope they are of benefit to TBBHOA Members!