Join us at our









The Next Scheduled Beach Clean is:


Sunday 2nd July 2017




Held in conjunction with the Marine Conservation Society’s

“Adopt-a-Beach” Scheme and Canterbury City Council Foreshore Services


Meet on the beach at the bottom of Tankerton Slopes, by the NEW White Lifeguard hut


Do come along and join us – all equipment will be provided.







All collecting gear will be provided by Canterbury

City Council.






For information on beach cleans in general 

go to


An hour’s exercise, rosy cheeks, and a clean beach!  You’ll feel better for it!

Update from the last Beach Clean:


David Hayward has asked me to send round a circular regarding the Beach Clean on Sunday 4th June – the haul this time, by eight volunteers, was 27kg from both the beach and the Slopes. Two new “members” have also been lured in; welcome to Martin and Gill (and good luck with getting those teenagers out of bed on a future Sunday morning!)  Our current total, since we began a year ago, is a shade under 700kg – so certainly worth doing.




David told me that the Lifeguards in the new hut also litter-pick their three “groynes’ worth”, so to speak, when they are on duty, so all that helps too.




I’ve noticed that what appear to be large baby-wipes (the wipes, not the babies) are still getting entangled in the remains of the Alexander plants on the main sloping path.  I’m hoping that some other wild plants might now get established there, since the pathway is still an eyesore, sadly.




I will contact the Council to finalise the details for our “long-term loan” of beach cleaning kit from them, and we hope to have this in place for the next Beach Clean on Sunday, 2nd July, at 9.30am as usual.  If everyone could provide their own gloves, though (gardening variety, cheap as you like) then that would help us no end.  I will send out a reminder nearer the time.....




Once again, thanks to all!




Kind regards,




Marilyn Richards


The Friends of Tankerton Bay









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