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Tankerton Bay Beach Hut Owners Association





After a small spate of rough sleeping on Tankerton West Area, involving TW86 and TW113, where bedding was left abandoned on balconies, TW113 has finally been broken into by removing and breaking a rear window shutter and climbing in after smashing the glass window. 
The rough sleeping suspect left forensic samples etc after living in the hut for some time – he was seen climbing in by dog walkers who did nothing as did the foreshore when TW124 reported that he had been sleeping on TW86 and they were concerned for the safety of their hut and children. 
All hutters viewing this, please be aware, that this rough sleeping must be reported to the police and the foreshore and demand rough sleeping be dealt with – as yesterdays rough sleeper becomes todays burglar.... especially when it starts to rain, or get cold. 
TW113 has acquired other hut owners furniture left abandoned inside her hut – 2 fold up canvas chairs one lime green the other turquoise and a slatted folding wood chair he used to smash the window....which means at least one other hut has been entered by this suspect and we MIGHT still get 2 burglary convictions if the DNA comes back with a hit. 
If anyone recognises this furniture and their hut is nearby please ring me or e mail me asap – Kent Police are dealing with this on crime number ZY/26374/15
Dave Richards
Treasurer and Security
T. 01227262066
E. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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